Week 165 – Hosts Busy Drinking

week 165 drunk dog




Each week Razor Tongue Radio brings you the best in Northwest Hip Hop while discussing current events in the region, sports, and whatever else comes to mind.  Hit the play button to listen now, download the episode to listen later, or click the shows tab to check out every episode in existence.  Also, navigate to our help page to find more ways you can listen on your phone and elsewhere.   Follow along with the set list and check out links to artist videos, news articles, producer websites, and more.  Thanks for checking in to the home of Northwest Hip-Hop and culture.




Week 165 Set List

[0:00] Shaotro

[00:34] Cool Nutz feat. Maniac Lok & Arjay – Mo’ Problems

[04:45] BFA – Daydrink

[08:42:] Romaro Franceswa- Duxe Five

[12:01] Cally Reed – S.o.S.

[15:47] Nobi feat. Shayhan – Gangstas in a Pond

[18:54] Carl Roe – Bruja

[22:01] Serge Severe – The Vigil

[24:44] Grynch feat. Malice & Mario Sweet – Lips Don’t Lie 

[29:56] Haggard the Horrible – Complex Nigga

[32:20] Zikki Carr – I’m So Faded

[36:11] Itz Jaaken feat. Exzac Change – Fame Junkie

[38:18] Porter Ray – Retrospect

[41:43] Shao Sosa feat. Luck One – Bomb on My Chest

[45:51] Blue Nose feat. A-Wall – Say Wa

[50:00] 2Ceas feat. Maclay – God Knows My Fate


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[53:36] – Cooley Roc – Mic Controller (1994)


Weekly One to Grow On

[57:10] Todd G – Walk it Out


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