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Razor Tongue Radio – independent hip hop from the Northwest, hosted by Shao Sosa and B-Dub

Razor Tongue Radio was launched in April, 2012, by veteran hip hop artist Shao Sosa. Shao and his co-host B-Dub bring the best in Northwest hip hop to their listeners weekly, adding unscripted commentary where they discuss the local music scene, sports, current events, and whatever else comes to their minds. Always uncensored like their music, Shao and Dub give the best of what is offered in the Northwest as a whole, believing that every city and town in the geographic region possesses amazing talent that the people need to hear.

Razor Tongue Radio (named after Shao’s label, Razor Tongue Music) was originally modeled after The Shanty Radio. The Shanty was a podcast started in 2011 in the Tri Cities by rappers Chris Davis and Gabe Alderson of the group Dead Poets. The Shanty centered mainly on 509 hip hop, playing a weekly sampling of local fare. With the general idea of being the “Westside Shanty,” Shao Sosa and B-Dub, joined by contributor and area producer Thurge, who added a weekly segment focusing solely on Asian hip hop, soon grew the show into more than they had imagined. While The Shanty and Thurge have moved on to different projects, their impact was instrumental in the growth of Razor Tongue. Helped in direction by the media group Bossalaus, the Razor is quickly becoming not only a podcast, but an entertainment hub in the region.

Now recognized as one of the premier Northwest hip hop podcasts, Razor Tongue Radio continues to work tirelessly to bring music to the masses. The site entered into syndication agreements with NWCZradio.com in 2013 and  Los Angeles based TrakLifeRadio.com in 2014.  Balancing full time jobs, school, and music careers, programming director Shao Sosa and his hype-man and partner in crime B-Dub scour the region, searching for the newest and freshest music to add to their ever-growing cache of local hip hop. Their extensive local music collections also have allowed for an “Oldschool Northwest Joint of the Week,” a fan favorite. Both men are true fans of the genre and region, with both possessing similar roots to the Northwest.

Shao Sosa originally hailed from Pasco, WA, one of the Tri Cities, and now makes his home in Parkland, WA. A veteran rapper and wordsmith, Shao has been performing live for more than two decades, collaborating with a literal who’s who of the region during that time. B-Dub was born and raised in Tacoma, WA with roots in the music industry dating back to the 1990′s as well. Together the pair, who perform together not only during their podcast, but on stage as well, form a special something that fans and listeners tune in for every week in increasing numbers. Never having missed a show, Razor Tongue Radio continues its push to bring Northwest hip hop to the masses, and invite their current and future fans to “Put your ear on the Razor!”

Razor Tongue Radio uploads new shows to the website on Thursday nights at 10pm.  It can be heard first on TraklifeRadio.com Tuesday afternoons from 2-3pm and then again Tuesday nights on NWCZRadio.com from 10-11pm.  It is available during these times on the TuneIn and WinAmp apps. It is also available on demand via the Stitcher app.