Week 137 – Time Traveling Batman

Listening to music from Hanif, Nacho Picasso, Propane LV, and more. Discussion on Back to the Future, fun things to do in Seattle, and poor imitations of Batman.

carroll cuckoo

Week 133 – The Sky is Falling

Artists include YukMob, Sam Lachow, and Dikulz. Topics include Seahawks troubles, the movie Tombstone and its relation to real history, and whether or not Obama brought ebola to America to affect the 2014-15 NBA season. Click the picture and push play.


Week 129 – Rollercoaster Football Weekend

Artists include Nu Era, Thaddeus David,Nacho Picasso, and Luck One. Topics include referees blowing calls, our reluctant approval of a Yankees related video, and farting on mics.

week 128 seattle waterfront

Week 128 – Last Days of Summer

Music from illfightyou, Jon Belz, Tope, BFA. and more. Topics of discussion include Floyd Mayweather, Adrian Peterson, and having a lawyer in the camp.