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We need you to spread the word!

We do almost no advertising of our own and really rely on your good word to introduce new listeners. If you like what we do, please tell anyone that you think would enjoy the show about us. Have them come to the website and visit this help page to get hooked into one of the many ways they (and you!) can listen every week!

Do your Amazon shopping through the Razor Tongue website!

You can do your shopping by clicking the affiliate link in the banner below instead of just going directly to It’s the exact same Amazon, the same products and the same prices, but Amazon will give us a little kick-back on qualified products. Every little bit helps and we appreciate everyone who clicks through. We reinvest nearly 100% of the money we receive into the podcast for new equipment for the studio, our limited advertising efforts as well as local artist and show promotions.

Subscribe through the PayPal link!

We’ve added a simple PayPal subscription or one-time donation options for anyone who would like to contribute to the show directly! You don’t need to link PayPal to your bank account, just a credit/debit card and even a couple dollars a month helps more than we can express. This is a work of passion for everyone involved, from Shao and B-Dub and our technical people working behind the scenes and Razor Tongue Radio will always be free to listen to. We will always strive to promote independent Northwest hip-hop and music to bring it to everyone who wants to listen. Your contributions help us achieve that goal every day (plus one of the engineers is an angry drunk, worse when he’s sober and we’re all genuinely terrified…send money for booze).

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How to Listen!

Through the website

Click any of the weekly entries on the main page and you’ll see an inline player under the picture for the week. You can either click the play button directly to stream the episode in your browser or hit the download link if you want to save it for later. It tends to look a little different on iPhone, so if you don’t see this exact player, just hit the little play button and it should start streaming.




There’s also a player on the main page if you want to listen immediately without going to the weekly post. Look for the player on the right sidebar on your desktop browser, or just under the weekly posts if you’re on a mobile device. Hit play and it will start streaming the new episode immediately. Remember, you’ll need continuous internet access to stream, so make sure you’re rocking at least 4G or WiFi to keep it going from the page itself. If you don’t have a solid internet connection, keep reading to see how you can automatically download the episodes!








Our Streaming Partners (Listen Early!)

Our streaming partners, Northwest Convergence Zone Radio and Trak Life play the show on a regularly scheduled stream! Check the current schedule on the right side bar on any Razor Tongue Radio page and tune in to us as well as their other great shows.

Windows Phone Marketplace

Razor Tongue Radio is on the Windows Marketplace. Just find us in the podcast store and subscribe! Follow this handy guide if you’re new to podcasting from the Windows Phone and you’ll be listening in no time. This is a continuous feed, so every time a new episode drops, it will delete the old one and download the new one.

First, swipe to the left to get to your app list and find the store.








Then search the podcast portion to find Razor Tongue Radio.























































Play your episodes through the built in media player.






















Listen to Stitcher
Stitcher is an online streaming application for your Android and Apple devices. Use the links below to grab the latest version for your platform!







Then use the search function to find Razor Tongue Radio or this direct link:


We are currently having difficulty getting the podcast integrated with iTunes. They will only ever accept a feed once and if it’s rejected (like we were) they will never tell you why it was rejected, other than some vague, unhelpful suggestions on a generic webpage and will never again accept the same feed for submission (or even a new feed with the same name!). As we figure out a way to get this resolved, you can still subscribe to the podcast using iTunes, it’s just not easily searchable on the podcast store. Simply open iTunes, go to the podcast portion and select “Add a Podcast” or “Subscribe to a Podcast” depending on which version you have. It might also be under the Advanced menu. None of us really use Apple products so I can’t get you good screenshots.








When it asks you for the URL, feed or XML address, put in the following link exactly as shown:

This will link up to our feed and you can select how many episodes you want to retain at any given time. If we make progress on the iTunes front we’ll update this page. If someone wants to volunteer an Apple device so I can take some good screenshots or you’re an Apple podcast pro, please get at me: @tacaggregate on Twitter or (I’m in the Bellevue, WA area, but willing to travel a bit).

Pro Mode RSS or Other Podcast Application

If you have a different podcast application and want to add our RSS feed directly, please point your app here:

If there’s an aggregator that we aren’t listed on, please let us know and we’ll work to get it added ASAP.