Myke Bogan

Week 183 – Hello McFly

Discussions on Billy Zabka, terrible prison practices in Florida, and more. Music from Ripynt and Carl Roe, Kyle Devine, and others.

Nacho Picasso

Week 170 – Put The Needle On The Record

Discussions on double standards in domestic violence punishment for celebrities, Nacho Picasso’s Twitter account, and more. Music from Carl Roe, Mikey Vegas, and many others.

game over

Week 148 – Post Game Show

Discussion topics include Super Bowl XLIX, Marshawn Lynch’s marketing savvy, and Wingstop. Music from artists like Illmaculate and Only One, Perry Porter, Thaddeus David, and more.

bennett bike

Week 146 – One More Game

Music from artists like Nacho Picasso, Cool Nutz, No Quezt, and more. Discussion talks continue on football playoffs as well as the argument for Russell Wilson.


Week 144 – All Madden Week

Music from artists including John Crown, Amine, and Cool Nutz. Discussion centers on the first round of NFL Playoffs, Stuart Scott, and more.


Week 142 – Tis The Season

Artists include Stewart Villain, Kublakai, and Charlie Ray. Commentary focuses on the oncoming NFL playoffs, Bolo Yeung, and other current events.