Week 100 – Academy Awards, Hobbits, and Firewalking





 Week 100 Set List

[0:00] Leezy Soprano – For The Heads NEW VIDEO HERE!!

[02:45] B-Dub becomes a firewalker when drinking firewater.

[05:39] Raz Simone – Still Mobbin’

[09:55] Mike Champoux – All I Need

[12:49] Sykotic Feat. Karma Knows & B. Schuler

[15:13] How long does it take for Shao to incorporate Asian cinema into an Academy Awards conversation?

[17:54] Second Family Feat. Motamouth Jones – Drugs In My Pocket

[21:37] Vinnie Dewayne – Nowhere CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE!

[25:10] Spac3man – Beyond The Stars

[28:13] Shao needs a Flavor Flav alarm clock in his life, B-Dub gets serious for 6 seconds.

[30:49] Bolo Nef Feat. Caz Greez – Animal

[34:21] Heretic Feat. SOS – Style Wars

[38:49] When we have nothing to talk about, we will plug the Lakewood AMC movie theater

[40:54] Luck One Feat. Grynch – On My Way II The Store DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HEEEEERE!!

[44:11] Ugly Frank – Leftova

[47:01] Grieves – Shreds

Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[50:04] K-Swiss – T-Town

[54:08]  Razor Tongue Radio.  100 episodes bitch!  Thank you.

Weekly One to Grow On

[55:53] Rockwell Powers & DJ Phinisey – Gone

Additional Media

Rockwell Powers -  http://rockwellpowers.com/

Raz Simone - http://blog.razsimone.com/

Commentary Music Providers

Charlie Ray - http://charlieray86.bandcamp.com

On One  - https://soundcloud.com/ononemuzik/


L.A.T.- http://beatzwithapassion.bandcamp.com/

Jake One – https://twitter.com/JakeUno

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