Week 104 – 2nd Anniversary and We’ve Sold Razor Tongue




We at Razor Tongue Radio are pleased to announce that we’ve sold the show to Island Def Jam Records.  We were committed to bringing you the greatest indie hip-hop and rap from the Pacific Northwest, but the format is going to change a little bit due to the acquisition.  We will now be hawking Taylor Swift fragrance and Bieber Bielieber gear for our fans at a fantastic 2.71% discount off the MSRP while only playing the most sanitized and sterile corporate garbage rap we can find since we have no desire to anger our new corporate overlords or offend Middle America….even though the Beib is Canadian, but you gotta’ start sucking that money-cock at some point, right? Why not make it maple flavored?  Anyways, please enjoy the new format, which will start immediately with the Week 105 episode and please direct all questions and complaints to that brick wall over there.

Week 104 Set List

[00:00] Stephanie Anne Johnson – No Diggity Medley (Live at NWCZ Radio)

[03:25] On1 finally reveals that his split personality is the elusive and enigmatic Cunty McFlappysacks.

[06:40] Second Family ft Motomouth Jones – Drugs in My Pocket

[10:23] J-Key ft DJ Carnage – Homebody (Download the mixtape!)

[14:34] Sky Pilot – And That’s How I Taught Myself Double Dutch

[16:44] Spekulation – SinnerMan (Video!)

[19:01] On1 argues with Cunty about who can throw down a better set list.

[21:30] Marly DuMarz – On My Grind

[25:14] Jon Salt – Eyes So Low (Peep the Video)

[28:51] Shorte ft Elliot Eide – Cruise Control

[32:47] Raz Simone – Thirsty

[34:51] Cunty claims victory in the set list wars.  Check NWCZ Radio for more awesomeness.

[38:05] Shao Sosa ft Arjay – Everything

[41:55] Chris Davis – Love Hip Hop

[44:24] Bruce Leroy – Everybody’s Somebody (Free download here!)

Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[50:15] Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick

[53:56] Digable Planets used to put it down.  Check out On1 at Afternoon Afterparty.

Weekly One to Grow On

[57:00] Dub FX – Love Someone (Watch the video here)

Commentary Music Providers

Traumah – http://traumahbeats.com

Todd Sykes – https://twitter.com/toddsykes

  Mack E – https://twitter.com/mackemusic

Produktive – http://www.iamproduktive.com

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