Week 11



Part 1:
Cassow – Where You At, Where You Goin’?
*download his mixtape FREE at: http://terminillmusic.com/tag/cassow/*
Dead Rabbits – Thank The Dope Game
*their first album – Audio Cocaine available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/audio-cocaine/id446542037*
DJ Phinisey feat. Rockwell Powers, Jay Barz, & Xperience – No Bull
Neema feat. Fatal Lucciaunno – 187
Illizm – Angeldust
C. Ray, Young Dom & JB – You Already Know
Part 2:
Vocab feat. Luck One & Miz – 3 Kings
Z feat. Twisted Insane – West Coast Monster
Speedy The Artist feat. Meechy Lavelle – My Baby Is Down
Influential Minds feat. DJ Spot – Makin’ Moves
Jackrabbit feat. J-Rude – Drinks
Cool Nutz feat. Pricy, Arjay, & DJ Fatboy – The Paper
Slanty Eye Five:
Krook & Jolo feat. Francis M. & Pikaso – Final Destination
Mountain Brothers – Fluids
CB Mass - 휘파람 (whistle)
LMF – 1127
Native Guns feat. Geologic – Agitation Propoganda
Part 3:
Swindle feat. C. Ray – Lightspeed
J.U.I. – Good Feelings
Underworld Hustlers – Cradle 2 Da Grave
Leezy Soprano – Roll It Up
*http://www.leezysoprano.com/ - official site*
Owens n Beech Street – Test My Nuts *old school NW joint of the week*
Sarahenity – Beautiful *weekly one to grow on*

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