Week 122 – Hulking Out On Fools






Week 122 Set List

[0:00] Sam Lachow Feat. Gifted Gab & Mario Sweet – Action Figures Check the video HERE!

[4:01]  Sam Lachow’s release party was crackin’

[6:46] Luck One – Summer of My Youth

[10:28]  Leezy Soprano Feat. Roderick – I Wanna Rock

[13:49] Yung Devi Feat. Big P & Modz – Hella Smoke Get the record HERE!

[18:25] Ladies, try not to shit yourself when you are out with your dude.

[21:21] Cliff the Sav Feat. Neema & Spac3man – Above It All

[26:04] Sadistik Feat. Yes Alexander – Gummo

[29:56] How in the fuck did B-Dub stump Shao on some comic book shit?

[32:19] Nacho Picasso – Adventure Time Get it HERE!

[35:15] Blayze One – Watch Me Pick it up at the correct link HERE!

[38:17] Our take on the Ebola shit.

[40:48] Cool Nutz Feat. Bosko – Top 10 List

[43:42] Conscience Feat. Kash Addict – Bad Thoughts

[46:38] Whiteboy Will Feat. Kenny Mack – 4 in the Morning


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[49:54] Criminal Nation – My Laboratory


[54:00] Football season is coming!!!


Weekly One to Grow On

[55:39] Rockwell Powers Feat. Phinisey  - Alone


Commentary Music Providers

Spekulation  - http://spekulation.bandcamp.com/

Mozez Beats - http://mozezbeats.com/

Bryson Foster - http://www.soundclick.com/flyawayproductions

Charlie Ray – http://charlieray86.bandcamp.com 

Lunchtime Legends - http://lunchtimelegends.bandcamp.com/

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