Week 126 – Ice Buckets, Bumbershoots, and NFL Drinking Games




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Week 126 Set List


[0:00] Charlie Ray Feat. Chris Davis & SP Double – Independent

[3:52]  Shao & B-Dub never go to shit.

[6:35] Art- Dope

[9:50]  Ant Bradford – Hey Yo

[13:04] Sam Lachow Feat. Ariana Deboo – After Dark

[17:03] Does the media cover athletes based on merit or charisma?

[19:29] Arturus – Toxic

[22:19] Coaster Sanchez – Blessed to Be a Blessing

[25:30] Swisher Sleep Feat. Swindle – Couldn’t Tell Ya

[28:14] How are new NFL penalties for domestic violence going to work?

[30:40] Yung Devi Feat. iNtrakate – Whole Lotta Hennessey

[34:23] Willie B Feat. Phil in the Blank – I Need Dollas

[36:41] B-Dub’s crazy drinking contest.

[38:59] Izzy Q Feat. Ruben Soliz – Slow Motion

[42:21] Nu Era – 1998

[46:02] Darius Alexander – Wavin’


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[49:10] Source of Labor – Never Your Less


[52:19] B-Dub’s thoughts on the ALS challenge.


Weekly One to Grow On

[57:27] Jon Belz –  I Breathe Music


Commentary Music Providers

Mozez Beats  - http://mozezbeats.com/

Phaze 1

Keyboard Kid - https://keyboardkid206.bandcamp.com/

Big Squeeze - https://soundcloud.com/big-squeeze

Bosko - http://boskolive.com/

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