Week 13



Part 1:

Cool Nutz feat. Illmaculate & Only One – Killers

Archie Bellz – Damn! I Am So Filthy

Amsterdam feat. Middle – CTC

Abom – Warning

Z – Pirahna In the Night

Krisis – feat. Lost Soul, Viking Cam & Tiffany Ibarra – Perfection

Swindle – Must I Remind You


Part 2:

AR Mastermind feat. Mae Dali – Free Tibet

Blayze One – Ezekial 25-17

Yodo’shis – This Party’s Mixed

Serge Severe – Back On My Rhymes

Quiz zilla feat. Freeman Belmont – Until I Fall

Ayo Dot – Mo Ti So

Select – Boulder


Slanty Eye Five:

Francis M – Meltdown

Native Guns – Treason

Dumbfoundead feat. Breezy Jones – Bitch

Dynamic Duo feat. TigerJK & Juvie Train (of Bugakingz) - 너나 잘하세요 (Fuck You)

Logics feat. Geologic & Fice – Last Hope


Part 3:

Medium feat. Blaze Young – Hold Um High

Jon Salt – Eyes So Low

Blue Nose Music feat. Viking Cam – Holler Backward

Shorty – U Aight With Me

Bullet & Shaolin feat. Mac Dre – 3000          *old school joint of the week*

Jamessupopo feat. Mac Dre – With Time Comes Fame          *old school joint of the week*

JC Flow feat. Tiffany Wilson & Roc Phella – Yesterday          *weekly one to grow on*

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