Week 140 – Tear Gas Laced Sound Offs





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Week 140 Set List

[0:00] Serge Severe – The Vigil

[2:50] Week 14 NFL Rundown. Hats off to Chiawana & Bothell.

[5:30] YukMob – Got New

[9:11] Certified feat. M-Status – Portrait

[12:24] Bishop Bishop – Iran

[15:49] Criminalizing sports betting is dumb.

[18:00] Art – What We Like

[20:52] Dave B – On My Own

[24:05] Kamara $lim – King

[26:57] Tear gas in Berkley. Why is the Garner case not getting airtime?

[30:00] Sol – Trojan

[33:43] MC S.A.V. – Infinite Bars

[36:55] Jason F – Way too Many Posers

[40:41] Our memories of Lynch Hung maybe he skewed. Or not. 

[43:00] Raz Simone – Street Lights

[45:41] Willie B – Forget About the Fame

[47:59] L Roc – The Exit


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[51:36]  Dre Kno & Mac Money – Take it All


[55:09] - Everyone keep pushing back.


Weekly One to Grow On

[56:10] – AKA & The Heart Hurt Goods – Rocket Man


Featured Producer of the Week

Thurge - https://thurge.bandcamp.com/

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