Week 142 – Tis The Season





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Week 142 Set List

[0:00] Raz Simone – Why Aren’t You Mine

[4:32] Seahawks are lookin’ sharp!

[6:50] Tope Feat. Lindsay Reightley – UCouldDo Get the new Tope album HERE!

[9:38] Myke Bogan – 6 Beers (Lightweight)

[12:15] Mic Capes – Razor Tongue

[16:46] The playoff picture is getting clearer.

[19:19] Certified – Lord Have Mercy

[22:09] Leezy Soprano – On Sight

[24:51] Soultanz – Child Play

[28:26] Even more NFL talk.

[31:14] Kublakai – Moan 

[34:05] Cam the Viking – Unbreakable

[37:28] Illchris Feat. Grynch & Illmaculate – Its Yours Get the new Illchris joint HERE!

[40:35] Bolo Yeung would fuck you up.  Kublakai knows how to connect with fans.

[43:13] Stewart Villain – Double Stack

[47:14] Coaster Sanchez – Blessed to Be a Blessing


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[50:25]  Kazy D – A Letter From the Grave (1995)


[54:53] -Quick thoughts on Sony attacks and Brooklyn police shootings.


Weekly One to Grow On

[57:08] – Charlie Ray – Smoke


Commentary Music Providers

5th Element - https://d3inthebuilding.bandcamp.com/

Blak Mic - https://soundcloud.com/blakmic

Spekulation - http://spekulationmusic.com/

Thurge - https://thurge.bandcamp.com/

GMK - https://gmkthegreat.bandcamp.com/

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