Week 150 – Tired and Angry

zambrano protest


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Week 150 Set List


[0:00] Dikulz – World Problems

[4:10] This is some BULLSHIT.

[6:36] Leezy Soprano feat. Jarv Dee – Black Rose Peep the new video HERE

[9:37] Vinnie DeWayne – Double Up

[12:54] Flying Spiders – Blackmail

[16:44] Why is the Zambrano shooting story not getting the attention it warrants?

[19:29] Cool Nutz – Bruh

[21:53] Ike Watson – Leaning

[25:00] Raz Simone – Macklemore & Chief Keef Check out the vid HERE

[28:28] Breaking down Macklemore & Chief Keef

[31:14] Nacho Picasso – Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll Take a look at the VISUAL!

[35:15] Pilots – On God Brand new video HERE!

[37:50] Tope – Wild One

[39:35] Breaking down All Star Weekend

[42:07] Theoretics feat. The Bad Tenants – Paper Mache

[45:11] Grynch feat. Kokane – On a Good One


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[47:56] Full Time Soldiers – Let’s Get High


[54:29] B-Dub has achieved greatness.


Weekly One to Grow On

[57:11] – Common Market – Every Last One of Us


Commentary Music Providers

On One - https://soundcloud.com/ononemuzik

GMK - https://gmkthegreat.bandcamp.com/

Lunchtime Legends - https://soundcloud.com/lunchtimelegends


Lavish Beatz - http://www.site.lavishbeatz.com/

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