Week 159 – Flawless

week 159 killing em




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Week 159 Set List

[0:00] Raz Simone feat. Leezy Soprano & Pusha T – That Ain’t Love

[04:15] WTF is Philly doing?

[06:49] X.O. – Blow It

[11:12] Young Dom – Red Eyez

[14:26] La – Aura

[17:39] Dissecting Philip Rivers trade talk.

[20:09] Dave B – The Rain

[23:27] Jason F – Let’s Go

[26:51] Star Wars and Batman vs. Superman talk. 

[30:00] Nacho Picasso – ’89 Dope Spot

[33:04] Don James – Music Saved My Life

[35:55] Carl Roe feat. Emilio Rojas & Ripynt – Fire Sale 

[39:49] B-Dub reps for the Rainers. Shao smirks

[42:18] Goldini Bagwell – Over Do

[46:23] Nobi feat. Shayhan of Soultanz – Gangstas in a Pond


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[49:20] – Pete Miser – Just One Rhyme (2002)


[52:53] Choppin’ shop on Mortal Kombat X


Weekly One to Grow On

[54:39] Randy Robbins feat. Stephanie Johnson & Evo – Fingerpainting Elephant Fingernails 


Featured Producer of the Week

The Soultanz - http://soultanz.com/     https://soundcloud.com/soultanz

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