Week 164 – Got Cha US Open

Week 164Urban_Golf




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Week 164 Set List

[0:00] The Loop – The Classic Peep the vid HERE!

[04:13] Running down the U.S. Open.

[06:28] Goldini Bagwell – Still (Tattoo)

[10:17] Jason F – Spinning Them Thangz

[12:58] Stay High Brothers feat. Spade – Searchin’

[16:53] Discussing IT.

[19:10] Jarv Dee – Water

[21:15] Doony Millz – Urb

[23:39] Pilots – Conceited 

[27:30] Speaking on the state of modern horror movies. Ogling Kate Mara.

[30:02] Page Turner – Lord Knows

[32:59] Magik – Long Run Peep the visual HERE

[36:43] Bruce Leroy – Leroy the Great

[39:57] Jodeci drops a new album.

[42:06] Nacho Picasso – Ghost

[46:00] J. Bellamy & Tazz – Turn Up


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[49:51] – Owenz & Beech Street – Da Call


[54:39] A little poker talk.


Weekly One to Grow On

[56:10] Gabriel Teodros & Soulchef feat. Shakiah – Greeny Jungle


Commentary Music Providers

Araless - https://soundcloud.com/araless

Thurge - https://thurge.bandcamp.com/

Spekulation - https://spekulation.bandcamp.com/

Stewart Villain - https://soundcloud.com/stewartvillain

OC Notes - https://ocnotes.bandcamp.com/

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