Week 168 – Golf Beef

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Week 168 Set List

[0:00] Certified – Straight Drop

[2:40] B-Dub & Shao discuss the recent U.S. Open.

[5:01] Dave B. – The Way

[7:20] Leezy Soprano – Sunshine in My Life

[10:32] Mic Capes – Dark Liquor (Sober Thoughts)

[13:45] Dub and Shao disagree about Chambers Bay.

[16:17] Kung Foo Grip – M.I.A.

[19:19] Jac Mov – Showin’ Off

[22:57] Ripynt Feat. Fatal Lucciaunno and DJ Rise – Cain Marko

[26:56] Still arguing about golf.

[30:00] Serge Severe – Say Nothing

[32:01] BFA Feat. Elan Wright – Funk With Us

[34:41] C. Ray Feat. Redro Kilson – Angry

[38:33] Are these two even friends anymore?

[41:04] Sarenity – Homebound

[44:37] Hanif Feat. Michael Zoah – Chalk ‘Em Out

[47:57] Kublakai – Moan Peep the video HERE!


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[50:40] Kenny Mack and Big Squeeze – Sex, Money… (2003)


[54:41] Closing arguments.  Contact us!


Weekly One to Grow On

[56:16] Cool Nutz Feat. Krizz Kaliko – Do My Job


Commentary Music Providers

Todd Sykes - https://toddsykes.bandcamp.com/

Lunchtime Legends - http://www.lunchtimelegendsmusic.com/

Mozez Beats - http://mozezbeats.com/

Big Squeeze - https://soundcloud.com/big-squeeze

Araless - http://araless.com/


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