Week 179 – The Increasingly Ugly Off Field NFL

ugly NFL




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Week 179 Set List

[0:00] John Crown – The Intro

[2:45]  Our take on the Brady appeal result.

[6:28] Gifted Gab – 187 Peep the visual HERE

[9:19] Packard Browne Feat. Gerald Walker – Dreams

[12:57] Yel & Topp Feat. Dev – The Way You Move

[15:46] Sidenote on Sonicgate. Sup with Kam & Christine?

[18:06] Certified Feat. Kae One – Dedicated Watch the video NOW

[22:05] Kung Foo Grip – Clouds Over Sunshine

[25:56] Jon Belz – 5 on It

[27:55] Are NFL teams deliberately shitting on players they get rid of?

[30:00] Abom – Real One

[33:09] Graves 33 & Diogenes Feat. Grayskul – Under a Microscope

[37:10] Seaan Brooks – Plays

[40:15] Do your job, bitch!

[42:58] Page Turner – Feel My Vibe

[46:00] Carl Roe – Ones & Zeroes Brand new video HERE!


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[50:34] DBA Feat. Kurupt & WC – Fa Shiesty Cats (1999)


[55:14] Check out this craziness.


Weekly One to Grow On

[56:12] J-Ritz – Soul Situation


Commentary Music Providers

Big Squeeze - https://soundcloud.com/big-squeeze

GMK - https://gmkthegreat.bandcamp.com/

Tyler Smith - http://tylersmithmusic.com/

Keyboard Kid - https://keyboardkid206.bandcamp.com

Bryson Foster - https://brysonfoster.bandcamp.com/

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