Week 182 – Talking With Lil Ripp

Lil Ripp




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Week 182 Set List

[00:00] Lil Ripp – Pop It Check out the VID now

[03:01] The skinny on the Raiders, Seahawks, and the Titans.

[06:31] Michael Donnell – Numb

[09:38] Avatar Darko – Cheese Tacos Peep the new VID

[13:04] Lil Ripp – What Up

[16:20] Finally linking up with Lil Ripp.

[24:20] Lil Ripp – Party & Bullshit

[27:39] Mic Capes – Dark Liquor (Sober Thoughts)

[30:39] Evil Ebenezer – These Streets

 [33:38] Touching a lot of topics with Lil Ripp.

[40:40] Thaddeus David – From the Jump Get in on the VIDEO asap!

[43:50] Cousin Cam – Liquor in My Kool-Aid


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[47:19] – DMS – Drunk and Sober Thoughts (1999)


[53:00] Fantasy football & fair talk.


Weekly One to Grow On

[54:23] Arcturus – Dream Big


Commentary Music Providers

Tha 5th Element - https://soundcloud.com/tha5thelementofficial

Deuxpamine - https://soundcloud.com/deuxpamine-com

Rejae - https://soundcloud.com/rejae

On One - https://soundcloud.com/ononemuzik

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