Week 183 – Hello McFly

Myke Bogan


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Week 183 Set List

[00:00] Thaddeus David – From the Jump  Check out the VIDEO now!

[03:24] Whoopin’ over the gridiron. 

[06:11] Ripynt and Carl Roe Feat. DJ Rise – Biff Tannen

[09:54] illfightyou – Gertrude

[14:03] Graves33 – You Always Know

[17:58] Kyle Devine Feat. BJ the Voice – Sad Smiles

[20:58] Talking some Billy Zabka. What the fuck is going on in Florida?

[23:36] Nobi, Yel, & Topp – Cypher Interlude Watch the new vid HERE!

[26:18] Myke Bogan Feat. Neill Von Talley & D-Rok the Menace – Vivid

 [29:37] Goddamn Mariners.

[31:41] John Crown Feat. Phinisey – Reign

[35:19] Articles of Rhyme – Black Vegas

[37:57] Tope – Better Place

[40:22] Goddamn cellphone companies. Goddamn DirectTV Sunday Ticket.

[42:53] The Krisis & Jack Skiles – Already Tipsy

[45:40] Wizdom – Rec League

[48:55] Real Life Click – The Bank Job


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[51:12] – Unexpected Arrival – First Sight (2003)


[54:49] Reminiscing a little bit.


Weekly One to Grow On

[56:17] Jason F – Hallelujah


Featured Producer of the Week

MTK - https://mtkblaps.bandcamp.com/

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