Week 184 – Breaking Down Meltdowns

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Week 184 Set List

[00:00] John Crown Feat. Action Bronson – Leanin’ on the Beat

[03:38] Disappointing week for the Titans & Hawks.

[06:30] Aim Brim – Put Her on the Team

[10:10] Swiggle Mandela – Portland Parks

[14:42] Cool Nutz Feat. E-40, Glasses Malone, Mistah Fab, & Drae Steves – Bass Beatin’

[19:43] Steve Sarkisian gets the intervention. Yay Cougs!

[22:30] Chris Crayzie – Fruit Snacks

[25:30] Cally Reed – Amnesia Feat. Blossom Peep out the video NOW

[29:47] Go see Sicario!

 [32:19] Sonny Bonoho Feat. Wanz – Lounge 

[34:06] Kung Foo Grip – Famous, Not Famous

[37:48] Evergreen One – Cobra Kai

[40:04] Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka is an asshole.

[42:31] King Leez feat. Tom Seoul – Big Paper

[46:14] Charlie Ray – Bench Press


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[49:28] – The Enterprise – City of the Tac (2000)


[53:47] Scarface deserves to be able to enjoy his legacy!!!


Weekly One to Grow On

[55:29] Mr. Von – Stay Strong feat. Voxxy


Commentary Music Providers

John L - https://soundcloud.com/johnlinstrumentals

Select - https://soundcloud.com/selectinator

Kyle Devine – https://soundcloud.com/devinenoise

OC Notes - https://ocnotes.bandcamp.com/

Jake One - https://soundcloud.com/jakeuno

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