Week 187 – Lights Out

week 187 closed


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Week 187 Playlist

[00:00] Cally Reed, King Leez, & Jay Barz – This Side

[05:26] NW rap is stronger than ever.

[07:59] Anawim & On One feat. Black Mikey – Blues Like This

[12:23] Luck One feat. J Burns – I like It

[16:27] Firing Squad feat. C. Ray & Jen K – Darkness to the Light

[19:37] One last football rundown.

[21:39] Art – So Smoove

[24:31] Nobi, Topp, & Yel – Cypher Interlude

[27:15] Don James feat. Jac Mov – Don’t Ask Me

 [30:35] Well, maybe one more football rundown.

[33:06] Certified – Straight Drop

[35:44] Abom feat. Double B – Passin’ the Times

[38:26] Arjay feat. Illmaculate – Back Seat

[43:00] Taking a look back.

[45:54] Blue Nose Music – Can’t Handle the Night

[49:59] Real Life Click feat. Lega ‘C Jones – Been too Long

[53:22] Jason F – Spinnin’ Them Thongz

[56:02] Maybe now Shao will be current on shit.

[58:16] Cousin Cam feat. Lost Soul, Viking Cam, & Sikk MC – No Hero

[1:04:00]  Soundcast – Kush

[1:07:25] Talking asshole fans.

[1:09:22] Young Dom – Red Eyez

[1:13:01]  Illizm – Nokk Venues

[1:16:33] Almond Roca – GentriFUCKaction

[1:19:05] Thaddeus David feat. T-Spoon – Everything


Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[1:22:45] Shaolin – Jackin for Ears (1998)


 [1:26:05] So long, for now.


Weekly One to Grow On

[1:27:14] John L. feat. Chris Davis & Poltergeist – I who Have Nothing


Commentary Music Providers

Mozez Beats - http://mozezbeats.com/

Select - https://soundcloud.com/selectinator

Thurge  - https://thurge.bandcamp.com/

Kyle Devine - http://www.devinenoise.com/production/

C. Ray - https://soundcloud.com/chuckluthor

Rejae - https://soundcloud.com/rejae

Bevon The Muse - http://bossalaus.com/

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