Week 44



Part 1: 

Cool Nutz feat. Potluck – The Good Life

Swindle – Ball Hard

JB feat. Prota C & Sun Duke – They Come & They Go

Leezy Soprano – From Hell To The Booth

DJ Phinisey feat. Spac3man – Bring The Mug Out

Kazy D feat. Point Blank – Dolla Signs When I Speak

Serge Severe feat. Luck One – No Bitin’ Allowed

Slanty Eye Five: 

Part 2: 

Anawim & On One – Zone Of Light

Second Family – I’m A Vett

Dirtbag Darrell – Salute To Hip Hop

Medium feat. Blazyung – Sandman

Sonny Bonoho – Zipper

Criminal Nation – Excuse Me Me. Officer

The Good Sin – How To Fly

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