Week 49



Part 1:

Outrageous Feat. Notes & Turf Talk- So I Grind

Conscience Feat. Krs-One- No Weakness

Kenny Mack- Cakin’

Collective Mindz- For the Love of Music

Double B- It Is What It Is

Cassow- Ventilation


Slanty Eye Five


Part 2:

Abom Feat. Influential Minds- Northwest Coast

Kingdom Crumbs- The Mezzanine

The Krisis Feat. Ripples & Thunderchief- Lunchpunk

Medium Feat. Blaze Young- Girls, Girls, Girls

LAT- Borrowed Time

Shaolin- Dollar Focus *old school NW joint of the week*

Firing Squad Feat. Chris Davis & ASR- While I’m Gone *weekly one to grow on*

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