Week 5 – Happy Birthday Pork!


Part 1:

The Overtaking According To Pork
BG Church – Cabbage Pilla
Owens n Beech Street feat. Crazy Nigga Banks – Gangster
Cool Nutz – Hamptons
Shaolin – Baby Dragons & King Cobras
Part 2:
Pho Phaculty – The Devil In Me
A Lighter Shade of Brown – My Homies
VP Real of Owens n Beech Street – Inner Thoughts
J-Hogg – Hoggs Like Me
Jason F – My Thang
Skratchhoundz feat. Pork & Tiffany Green – On The M.I.C.
Part 3:
Shaolin – Dollar Focus
Bullet feat. Jay Tee of N2Deep & Mugzi of the Mossie – We Getz Perved
BG Church – Conversation
Da Kidd – Dat Nig Z
Insidious Ree – Down For Mine
On One feat. Jamal Ali – Sometimes
Part 4
Mob Related – Strictly Grind’n
Shaolin – Broken
Frost – Eastside Rendezvous
BG Church – 2 The Head
Part 5
Owens n Beech Street feat. Shaolin – Da Service
Dead Rabbits – Gettin Mine
John Dough – King of Pasco

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