Week 55



Part 1:

Cool Nutz – Introduction

J. Stat feat. The Committee – Missin’ You

Ra Scion & Todd Sykes – Aqua Vitae

509 Wreckerz feat. Haizi & Young Dom – Pour Me Some Lean

Grynch & Budo – Treadin’

Lok Skywalker feat. Tak Patron & Tall Cann – Gangster Lean

Part 2:
L’s JG Perry – I-5

Firing Squad – Nightmarez

Eighty4 Fly – Loud

Never Sleep – Fire

Blue Nose Music feat. Big Z, Dip & AR Mastermind

S.C.U.M. – Carry My Nine     *oldschool NW joint of the week*

Common Market – Tobacco Road     *weekly one to grow on*

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