Week 56



Part 1:

Double B – On My Own

Chris Davis – Boombap

Un The Rhyme Hustla – On It

Mae Dali – Blabber Mouth 8

Arjay feat. Illmaculate – Backseat

Second Family – Expectations of Extravagance

Part 2: 

Truss One – Never Change

Beanz & Rize – U.N.I.T.Y.

Mami OG & Z of Firing Squad – Underground Lurkin’

Young Dom – Charlie Sheen

Shao Sosa – Love Is Blue

Maniac Lok – Blood In, Blood Out     *oldschool NW joint of the week*

Chris Davis feat. C. Ray & Gabe Alderson – Beloved     *weekly one to grow on*

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