Week 79



Week 79 Set List

[0:00] XP – New Religion

[2:02] Bad weekend in the NFL; busters who spoil the ending to TV shows

[3:49] Double B & Laces – Head in the Clouds

[6:47] MC S.A.V. – Frankenstein Flow 2

[11:58] Sandpeople feat. Sean Price – All In Your Head

[15:51] MC S.A.V and Nobi rule the Chunk Norris jokes; Seahawks and Titans lose

[18:30] B. Schuler feat. Sykotic & Young Nobi – Are You With Me

[23:11] Jasper T. feat. John Crown – Broken Singer’s Blues 2.0

[27:31] Props to 206up.com and thanorthwest.com;

[29:15] Willie B – Bring It Back (Hip Hop)

[31:31] Charlie Ray feat. Mr. MD20/20 – Mad Slapper

[34:59] New music drops this week; Halloween Plans? Fuck that, come to 88 Keys and the Harmon Tap Room w/Blue Nose Music; kung-fu movie trailers

[37:06] Kublakai feat. Sol – Appreciation

[40:31] Gift Uh Gab feat. Jarv Dee – Moor Gang

[42:42] The Bad Tenants – The Speakeasy

Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[47:22] Starchile – Ooh Child

[51:00] Come check the website and how to contact us with your music

Weekly One to Grow On

[54:47] Disekt One – Transform

Additional Media

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