Week 81




Week 81 Set List

[0:00] Firing Squad – Nothing to Something

[3:33] Golden Tate is a doughnut thief. Get the full Firing Squad album, Versakillity [Explicit]

[6:15] Epp – P.O.L.O.

[9:36] Huey P – Mariners & Rainiers

[12:25] IMperfect Cody – Trap Life

[15:26] Shao can’t get his shit together today.  Fright Town is Portland’s dope haunted house.

[17:40] Sebastian Select – Highed Up

[21:56] Blocc Rep – Sucka’ Free

[25:10] C. Ray – Spitaflow

[27:04] Shao goes to weird places on the internet.  Dub is hard as fuck in videos.

[28:58] L.A.T. – Therapy

[31:32] Chris Crayzie feat. B7 – Scooootin’

[34:53] BDub brings up uncomfortable childhood memories involving dicks and butter.

[37:16] Dirtay – Get Your Kegel On

[40:54] Childsplay Kidd feat. Stunner Kid & Cashier – Fade Away

[46:28] Al One – Work

Old School Northwest Joint of the Week

[49:16] Source of Labor – Wonder Twins

[53:10] Squeeze it and hold it.  Peep us on nwczradio.com.  YoungNobi performing live with his father for the first time.  Eerie prediction from BDub for Hawks football.

Weekly One To Grow On

[55:40] Wildcard – Turquoise

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