Week 84



Week 84 Set List

[0:00] Serge Severe – Back on my Rhymes

[2:50] BDub is almost speechless and where we are in the NFL this week.

[5:01] Carl Roe – Bruja

[08:13] Mr. 2 Hott – 100 Rounds

[11:42] Soundcast – Star Game

[14:08] What’s up with all the Dolphin chat?  The Graffiti Garages are closed now.

[16:37] Awall – We All We Got

[21:15] Abom – Black Beanie’s and DC’s

[23:15] Sebs/Webs feat. Shao Sosa & J. Factor – Lyric Sword

[26:49] Nov. 5th, The Spot!  Come out for a charity show and food drive.

[29:51] Porter Ray – Pavement

[32:49] Revengers – Stone Henge

[38:20] We appreciate the producers who send us beats to play.  There’s no useful news on TV anymore.

[40:31] Cam The Viking & Thunderchief – New Life

[45:02] Jason F. – Get Into

Old School Northwest Joint of the Week

[50:01] Kid Sensation & Ken Griffey Jr. – The Way I Swing

[53:48] BDub under the thumb of speech oppression.  Shout out Cunty McFlappysacks and @TacAggregate.

Weekly One to Grow On

[55:18] Chris Davis – Tri-City Open Letter

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