Week 86 Northwest Hip Hop





 Week 86 Set List

[0:00] Goldini Bagwell Feat. Serge Severe, DJ Spark, & Sleep – Vanglorious

[04:57] Boombox Massacre is a Cougs fan, WSU is going to a bowl game.

[07:28] IMperfect Cody – Unfadable Get The Harvest EP right here!

[09:46] P-Dirt – Turn The Bass Up

[11:29] Illfightyou – Renegade

[14:50] Floyd Mayweather is a loudmouth.

[17:00] Avatar Darko Feat. Jarv Dee – Turn Ups

[21:08] Kenny Mack – Pimp By Blood

[23:59] Mr. Von Feat. Josh Rizeberg – Never Let You Go

[27:51] B-Dub never goes to the movies and Shaolin sings Batdance.

[30:00] Illizm – Angel Dust

[32:58] Kept See – Remain

[35:30] B-Dub and Shao talk Michael Winslow.

[37:34] Mic Flaunt, Gabriel Teodros, Ka.Lil & Jillthy – Just Another Day Check out the video here!

[41:32] J-Dub – I Tell It How It Is

[45:04] Johnny Lyrics – Leave It All Behind

Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[49:18] Skratchhoundz Feat. Pork & Tiffany Loving – On The M.I.C.

[52:44] Northwest Hip Hop lives here and B-Dub & Shao invite you to talk shit.

Weekly One to Grow On

[56:46] Firing Squad Feat. Charlie Ray & Jen K. – Darkness to the Light Buy this song now!


Additional Media

Illfightyou -  www.illfightyou.com

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