Week 97 – Rockwell Powers Is In Here






 Week 97 Set List

[0:00] Rockwell Powers Feat. Cruel and Micah B. – Strong

[04:49] Evil snow has been sent to infest our brains.

[06:59] Mack E – Glass

[10:14] Charlie Ray Feat. Twisted Insane – Much Love

[13:14] Rockwell Powers discusses all kinds of shit.

[20:54] The Loop – Loop Shit

[23:50] Cassow – Passenger Thought

[26:16] Still in the lab with Rockwell Powers.

[44:39] Rockwell Powers Feat. Xperience & Jay Barz – No Bull

Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

[49:41] 5 Fingers of Funk – You Jane, Me Funky

[52:47]  Fried chicken and black history month at a private school. Read about it here!

Weekly One to Grow On

[56:10] Sol – City of Walls

Additional Media

Rockwell Powers -  http://www.rockwellpowers.com

Charlie Ray - http://charlieray86.bandcamp.com

Commentary Music Providers

Bryson Foster – http://brysonfoster.bandcamp.com/

Terminill – http://www.terminillmusic.com

Lavish Beatz – http://www.lavishbeatz.com

Spekulation - http://spekulationmusic.com/

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